Top Clean

Top Clean – Clean artificial turf pitches more efficiently

Would you like to remove litter from your synthetic turf sports pitch quickly and efficiently, without losing your infill? The GKB Top Clean makes this possible. With the help of this machine, you can easily clean up loose waste, such as broken fibers, leaves, paper, cigarettes and even plastic bottles. Infill is easily separated by the machine. From now on you will only need 1 man staff for the everyday cleaning process of your artificial grass fields.

Remove waste from your artificial turf pitch in time

If dirt remains on an artificial grass pitch for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Especially if it’s also trampled by the players. To keep your sports field in an optimal condition, it is crucial that your cleaning process is on point. Removing loose dirt on your sports field with a leaf blower or even with a garden rake, costs you as a field manager a lot of personnel and is relatively time-consuming. How do you solve this? With the GKB Top Clean.

Clean artificial grass pitches more efficiently with the Top Clean

The Top-Clean makes the daily cleaning of your artificial turf more efficient, and thereby saves you money. How does the Top Clean work?

  • You drive the tractor across the field at a maximum of 10 km per hour. The brushes at the bottom of the machine rotate, according to your driving speed
  • The brushes throw the dirt onto a vibrating sieve, which separates dirt particles by size. Infill material can pass through easily, and thus drops back onto the field
  • The resulting waste ends up in collection trays, in the sides of the machine
  • Simply disassemble the trays and empty them into the waste container. And your field is clean

The properties of the Top Clean

This makes the Top Clean a neat and suitable all-round machine for cleaning your artificial grass on a daily basis:

  • Working width no less than 120 cm to 180 cm
  • Rubber wheels prevent damage to your sports field
  • Spacious, easily demountable collection trays

The Top Clean can easily be connected to your tractor with a standard three-point coupling or electric drawbar.


VC120: 120 cm • 0-4cm / 0-2” • 180 x 150 x 160 cm / 70 x 59 x 62” • 400L • 560 kg / 1230 lbs • >40 hp
VC160: 160 cm • 0-4cm / 0-2” • 180 x 200 x 160 cm / 70 x 78 x 62” • 530L • 620 kg / 1360 lbs • >45 hp

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X3Mgolf-Maskiner-Top Clean